Reading at Nether Edge - Why is reading at the heart of everything we do?

Reading being our absolute priority because we know reading inspires curiosity, wonder and imagination as well as empowering our children with the essential knowledge and skills that they will need now and in their future.

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How do we teach reading at Nether Edge?


We love books and we love reading at Nether Edge. We want all of our children to share this love and passion! Learning to read is so important, this knowledge underpins a child being able to access all of their learning. We really value reading at our school- here’s how we teach it:




Right from nursery our children begin learning phonics. Phonics is a strategy which runs alongside other reading strategies such as guided reading and individual reading to help develop vital skills and a love of reading. In phonics children learn individual letter sounds (phonemes). Phonics teaches them to listen carefully and identify phonemes which make up each word. This helps children to learn to read and spell new words. Phonics is taught every day from Nursery through to year 2.  


As a school we teach phonics through ‘Letters and sounds’.


Here is a parent’s guide to letters and sounds and how we teach it, as well as a link to the official document and other useful websites:

Letters and Sounds Curriculum Overview

Oxford Owl

Phonics Play

ICT Games

Letters and Sounds.Com

The home reading book your child will bring home is a celebration of what they can read using their phonics skills. These books exactly match the phonics level your child is working at and enable them to practice their phonics skills at home. They will also bring home a school library book, this book is often more challenging and should be a shared read supported by a parent.


Guided reading


In guided reading at Nether Edge, children share a whole class text. These texts are high quality and vocabulary rich. We teach the children several skills during guided reading sessions, such as retrieving information from the text, clarifying the meaning of new words and inferring how characters may feel. Because we teach guided reading every day, children at Nether Edge are immersed in exciting and engaging texts which develop their passion for reading.




At Nether Edge we are so lucky to have a fantastic library! This offers a range of fiction, non fiction and poetry texts from classic novels to the latest new releases!

We value time spent in the library, every class visits the library fortnightly and borrows a book to share at home. Library time gives children a choice about what they would like to read, time to discover new books and listen to and share a range of texts as a class! All Nether Edge children and teachers value library time.


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