Reading At Home

Reading at home


We actively promote the skills and love of reading in school – to do this at home as well is so important. When children see adults who have an enthusiasm and passion for reading, they develop this themselves- that’s why it’s so important to value reading in your home. We ask that you:


Read your child’s story book with them 5 times a week. Help them decode any unfamiliar words and ask them questions about the story. Please sign in their reading record so that we know this is happening! Each class has a reward chart for reading at home to celebrate children who are doing this.


Share and read your child’s library book at bedtime/ any point in the day. Read this to them so they  have opportunities to widen their understanding of the world they live in and see that you value reading at home as much as we do at school. This will develop their appreciation and love of reading.


Liaise with teachers in order to support your child’s skill of reading, help with phonics and for any book recommendations- Nether Edge teachers are always happy and excited to discuss reading with parents!


Make reading part of your family time! You could:

  • Share a story/your child’s library book at bedtime
  • Visit your local library
  • Help your child read your shopping list when you’re out and about
  • Read a recipe book and cook something delicious
  • Play board games which have flashcards and instructions

Keep plenty of books, magazines, comics etc so your children have plenty of reading material to choose from

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