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“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go!” (Dr. Seuss)

Reading with your child has so many benefits, including improving children’s fluency, practicing and learning new vocabulary and improves confidence.

Reading is at the heart of everything we do and teach in school!

To further develop the excellent teaching of phonics in our school, we will be teaching phonics through a scheme called ‘Read Write Inc.’. 

This scheme teaches children the core concepts of blending and segmenting to read a word. It also links the phonics sounds that your child is learning at school with the book they are reading at home. We will call this home reading book their ‘Reading for Success’ book.  This is a book that your child should be able to read with confidence and fluency, whilst practicing the sounds they have already learnt in their phonics lessons.


How to use the ‘Reading for Success’ book with your child:


As the book is exactly matched to your child’s phonics level, they will be able to read all the words in their book, that’s why it is called their ‘Reading for Success’ book! If they hesitate or struggle with a word, ask them to try to read using:

  • ‘Special Friends’ 
  • ‘Fred Talk’
  • Read the word (see below)

‘Special Friends’ are 2 or more letters which make one sound, e.g ‘sh’ in the word ship.


‘Fred talk’ is sounding out the word e.g. saying each sound in a word – sh…i…p


The sequence your child should try is:

  • ‘Special Friends’ ‘sh’
  • Fred Talk ‘sh…i…p’
  • Say the word ‘ship’

Red words in the ‘Reading for Success’ book are tricky words that your child will have to read by sight, these words cannot be sounded out. 





For more information and videos to help understand how to read with your child at home, click here


How often should we read at home?

Your child will have a new ‘Reading for Success’ book every week. We ask that you read this at least 5 times a week with your child, reinforcing the phonics which helps them develop at a faster rate in reading.


In the back of the book there are ‘questions to chat about’ which helps your child understand what they have read.


What about the other book my child will bring home?

Your child will also have another book they have chosen either from the library or their classroom reading corner. Please read this to, or with your child as a time to share a story together.

Share and read your child’s library book at bedtime/ any point in the day. Read this to them so they  have opportunities to widen their understanding of the world they live in and see that you value reading at home as much as we do at school. This will develop their appreciation and love of reading.


Liaise with teachers in order to support your child’s skill of reading, help with phonics and for any book recommendations - Nether Edge teachers are always happy and excited to discuss reading with parents!


Make reading part of your family time! You could:

  • Share a story/your child’s library book at bedtime
  • Visit your local library
  • Help your child read your shopping list when you’re out and about
  • Read a recipe book and cook something delicious
  • Play board games which have flashcards and instructions
  • Keep plenty of books, magazines, comics etc so your children have plenty of reading material to choose from

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