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In summer, we achieved our Bronze ModeShift Star Award, which was a wonderful achievement. ModeShift focuses on sustainable travel and aims to reduce air pollution around us, something that we are passionate about.  As part of achieving our Bronze Award, school has taken part in the 10 Day Active Travel and Clean Air Day where we closed the road outside of school from 8:00 – 9:30 so no traffic could drive past school. During this extremely enjoyable and successful morning, we had a brass band, a street performer, games and a breakfast stall on the closed road. Local politicians and media came and not only did the children love it, they knew why we were doing it: to highlight the importance of clean air around us.

We were featured in the Sheffield Star! Have a look here:

School Councillors have determinedly campaigned to get parents and carers to stop parking illegally and idling their engines outside school. We have monitored traffic outside of school in a morning to see how many people were idling in the middle of the road, parking on double yellow lines or on the zig zags. After this, we wrote a letter to parents informing them of the dangers of idling engines and illegal parking has on our health and safety.

What’s next for ModeShift?

In summer, we held a competition where children were asked to create a banner to discourage idling engines outside of school. Ellie in Y6 and Malaika (who has now gone to Y7) won! We are now waiting for these to be made into big banners to go on the railings outside of school.

  • The 10 Day Active Travel is back on 7th – 18th October.
  • Road safety assemblies, especially about keeping safe on dark nights.
  • More work on idling engines outside of school.

For more information on School Council’s environmental impact and achievements, please look at this article which was written for the Mercia Learning Trust website


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