Maths Curriculum

Maths Intent Statement

The intent within Mathematics teaching at Nether Edge is to build a strong foundation for our children and their development into confident and successful members of society. They build resilience by being prepared to make mistakes as they grow into adults who see the power of numbers and the depth of Maths as inspiring.

We build knowledge of numbers and calculations using well-planned and sequenced lessons that build on prior knowledge over time so that children are fluent and efficient at finding the answers to questions and feel highly motivated because they understand how the number system works.

We teach arithmetic discretely, ensuring that careful attention is paid to regularly revisiting knowledge so that the learning is consolidated and progress is maximised. We teach reasoning by providing well-differentiated tasks that allow children to develop their knowledge and deepen their understanding from one lesson to the next. These topics are supported by ‘Must do’ tasks, which are designed to help children commit prior learning to their long-term memory.


We want:

  • Knowledgeable students who can calculate quickly and efficiently
  • Confident mathematicians who enjoy their subject
  • Pupils who can orally explain their thoughts using the correct vocabulary
  • Learners who use and apply knowledge secured in their long term memory.

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