Be prepared, be ready!

Nether Edge Intent Statement

Genuinely, and with integrity, our curriculum will prepare pupils for the next stage, whatever that may be. We do this with Reading and Oracy at our core so that children have a love and passion for language and vocabulary, are able to articulate knowledge and build exceptional relationships in school and the wider world.

Our curriculum is well planned, well sequenced thus altering the long term memory so that schema is strong and secure. This is an offer that we provide for all learners and in all subjects.

Our curriculum is an exceptional offer that provides children with the knowledge and skills to feel empowered to have a burning desire to do good in the world, through stimulating and thought provoking topics, creating awe and wonder.

We want:

  • Avid readers, with reading being at the core of every curriculum subject;
  • Children who can articulate well through speaking;
  • Build exceptional relationships;
  • All curriculum teaching to alter children’s long term memory.





Knowledge Framework


  • A carefully planned, challenging knowledge framework delivers essential knowledge and skills to allow pupil’s to be ‘year ready,’ with the overarching intent of genuinely preparing children to be ready for secondary school and beyond.
  • This is delivered through overarching thematic drivers, which are not core subjects.
  • 4 ten week cycles provide opportunities to learn the knowledge, with space to revisit and review learning.






Curriculum Implementation Statement

Progressive teaching, spaced learning and revisiting opportunities


  • Teachers plan carefully for each subject discretely, linking objectives to create a clear schema.
  • Learning is delivered sequentially.
  • All pupils revisit learning regularly, within topics and outside of current topics, using low stakes assessment to test pupil’s understanding.
  • Speaking opportunities are carefully planned throughout the curriculum, so pupils are able to verbalise knowledge teaching.


  • Daily feedback is delivered through low marking policies, with a focus on high quality verbal feedback.
  • Depth marking is used to inform summative decisions and is evident in extended writing.
  • Feedback is at the heart of everything we do at Nether Edge, for teachers and children.


  • Regular assessment opportunities allow teachers to make regular judgements of the progress of children’s knowledge.
  • Knowledge is tested discretely, through cross-curricular approaches, and through the application of wider knowledge in core subjects.
  • Speaking allows teachers to explicitly teach pupils to speak confidently about what they know, tested through the ‘oracy pathway.’


  • Nether Edge Primary School believes that all members of our community should follow the same values. We aspire to be the very best we can be, and genuinely believe that ‘today matters.’









  • Excellent teaching and learning strategies, through a consistent Nether Edge policy.
  • Excellent subject knowledge from teachers, to deliver the knowledge curriculum with excellence;
  • Highly differentiated to allow learners to receive the right learning, at the right time;
  • Considerations, always, of the impact of systems on pupil outcomes, and teacher workload.


More information about the work your child is doing will be published on the class newsletter. If you have any specific questions you can contact the school office.


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