Bronze and Silver Eco School Award

Last year’s School Councillors worked hard to achieve the Bronze and Silver Eco School Award. In school, we continue to have a big focus on single use plastic and the impact it is having on the world, especially marine life. School Councillors have educated other students by doing an assembly about single use plastic and why we should stop using it. We held ‘Waste Week’ which encouraged children not to bring single use plastics to school, especially in their lunchbox. Bringing reusable water bottles to school instead of single use ones was a big focus too. Our wonderful PTA helped us by getting special Nether Edge reusable water bottles to sell so all students had the opportunity to buy one. These are still available to buy from the office for £2!


To encourage recycling, Councillors put a blue paper recycling bin in every class and these are being used constantly. We also encouraged teachers to reduce the amount of paper they are using daily and offered them some suggestions.  Every few weeks, Eco Checks are carried out to ensure all classes are doing what they can to save energy, recycle and minimise the use of single use plastic. During this time, School Councillors visit all classrooms with a check sheet. We then discuss as a group what things classes are doing well and what they need to get better at. This is then fed back to the rest of the school. 


What’s next for the Eco Award?

Alongside carrying on with everything we have already implemented in school, we hope to set up a composting scheme using all the fruit peelings and cores which children eat at playtime. The idea is the compost can then be used to plant flowers and seeds in flowerbeds and children can use it in the mud kitchen. Litter picking is also something that School Councillors are keen to do so we will look into this. New Councillors will also have the opportunity to decide what else we can do to carry on making Nether Edge environmentally friendly.

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