Date: 10th Mar 2017 @ 10:03am

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This week in arithmetic we are working on partitioning/Subtracting. With our new 5 stars system it helps child not tell you what we are doing in maths? Well don’t worry our new blog every week will tell you what your child is doing. This week in reasoning we have been finding equivelant fractions and giving reason for why we have gave that certain answer.


In litreracy we have been writing letters to Mr phillp/Egypt who came in to do an egyptian talk which you should of received a letter about. Next week we will be writing non chronological reports so please can you support your child in this.


Egyptian day

Has your child been forcing you to listen about egyptian day. Well it is obvious they would of. We held artifacts that were upto 4500 years old. We were all very happy and ecxited when the artifacts were passed around. We ate pitter bread because the egyptians ate it for there breakfast. We also found out that peopole under 5 were naked at all time. I shouldn’t be telling you every thing. Find out more from your CHILDREN.


Mr Tobin

On Wednesday afternoon we have Mr Tobin. We do experiments. Once we put sand, water and black card in a cup and shortly after it has crystals. If you request a experiment and its sensible please tell it to mr Tobin and Ms Pickard.


Wider curriculm

In Pe we have been playing benchball which has been very fun. In ICT we have been reaserarching about Ancient Egypt. In topic we have been writing letters to mr Philip.


That’s all for this weeks blog. Keep on checking the website for the blog.




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