Date: 17th Feb 2017 @ 12:23pm


In maths this week we have been looking at our 5 star maths. This including Arithmetic and Reasoning. In Arithmetic we have been adding different types of fractions and in reasoning we have been calculating perimeter. Some of us have been doing area as well as perimeter. 


In Literacy we have been learning poems such as 'Be Very Afraid' and 'The Sound Collector'. In this we have learnt poems and written our own versions. We have experienced writing in a fun way.



In our curriculum we have been learning about Ancient Egypt and the geography of Egypt. In this we have been learning about Tutankhamun’s tomb and lots of other interesting things. We have pretended to be Howard Carter and have been the hot seat and pretended to write a letter to Howard Carters family about finding Tutankhamun’s tomb, his throne, canopic jars, and lots of other things.    







By Saman & Khulan

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